Refund and Burning Policy
1. Background
B-Money guarantees the right of refund to any of its buyers, in the following terms;
• This refund policy covers only the transactions for the B-Money purchasing. (Buying or direct BNB transactions)
• This Refund Policy does not cover any B-Money transactions between the Users and/or dexes.
• This Refund Policy does not cover any gas fees spent in the buying or refunding period.
• Refund is valid only if the Project did not reach its soft cap.
• Refund applies only to purchases before the soft cap period. Purchases after the soft cap period are not refundable even if the soft cap target is not met. Refunds will be made on 1st July 2022 at the earliest.
2. Definitions
I. Total Supply: 808400 B-Money Tokens
II. Locked Supply: 20210 B-Money Tokens.
III. Salable Supply : 788190 B-Money Tokens.
IV. Soft cap Tokens : 15% of sellable tokens, 118220 Tokens.
V. Soft cap Deadline : 90 days from sale starts.
VI. Personal Cap : 10 BNB or 500 B-Money Tokens.
VII. Funds : The transactions for purchasing B-Money Tokens.
VIII. Refund amount : 0.02 BNB per purchased tokens.
IX. Refund : Giving back the amount of transaction to the user.
X. Burn amount : The tokens bought by the user.
XI. Burn : Sending the tokens which bought by the user, to the address 0
XII. Transaction Charges : Any gas fees, spent in the transactions.
XIII. Wallet: The wallet which is used for buying B-Money
3. Refund eligibility criteria
If the soft cap did not reach the soft cap deadline period, only the users who bought tokens in the soft cap period can refund. To refund, users must have their B-Money tokens in their wallet. If they send the tokens to other users or dex, they can take back those tokens before refunding.
4. Burn criteria
If a refund is eligible and users refund, all of the B-Money tokens in the user's wallet will be burned to address 0. So, if the user has more tokens than he bought from us will be burned, if the user wants to keep the other B-Money tokens, can transfer to another wallet.
5. Processing timeline :
After refunding request, after the block is mined by the miners, funds are returned.
6. Miscellaneous
Any gas, which arises upon processing refund/ burn, shall be burnt solely by the User. Terms and conditions of the Refund Policy are subject to B-Money smart contract. In case if the User does not wish to accept the Refund and Burn Policy, he/she should not continue to buy B-Money. If the user wants a refund and does not know how to do it, can use our How to refund? document.
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